Home Sweet Home

August 28, 2006

As always, I felt kinda dodgy when I was waiting for the bus. Despite being cool to my elders and acting like I couldn’t care less because I’m going, a stupid sensation filled inside my lungs. It dawned on me then that one is never able to overcome that particular feeling. I’ve been visiting the seaside where my aunts live for over 10 years now, but each time I have to go, they shed some tears, I don’t make a fuss about it, and I go. But everytime that particular feeling comes and confuses me. “What if?”s fill in the blanks in your mind, making matters even worse.

So I get on the bus and, nothing to do, I try to sleep. As if I had never intentionally woke late so I can sleep in the damned bus, I discover that I am unable to sleep, no matter how tired I am. My tounge is busy playing with the stupid piece of meat coming out inside my cheeck. It is like the ultimate boredom I can ever feel. My dead brain is trying to think something but is too lazy even to choose something to think about, and I soon discover I’ve been looking outside to the road for several hours.

After about 10 hours of travel, I find myself waiting for a taxi to take me home. I feel good at being home, since well basically everything I would need is here. My super-fast computer, books and all the other stuff. But theres resentment in me about this arrival. I miss the seaside. Despite my rants about the seaside itself in the last post, I like being there. Free of any particular responsibility.

I know I’ve promised you – my dear, dear readers – not to write about what I did, I’m writing these so I can understand it myself. So it is a totally selfish effort. It may seem cruel and boring to you that I’m not an entertainer like some other “commercial” bloggers, but, what the heck, this is my blog and I can probably shit on it if I really wanted to.

I can’t find anything else to write, maybe I’ll post other stuff sometime later.


One Response to “Home Sweet Home”

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