August 2, 2006

I totally HATE electronics vendors. I despise them, especially in New York. I was fortunate enough, in my life, to visit New York in the past days. To tell the truth, its not that fascinating. Yeah well, maybe even Yahoo! has its own LCD screen stuck to a wall of a building, but overall (to the extent of my visitation) the city is dirty. I’m not an obsessive person who would die rather than be dirty, but even using my hands to swipe away the sweat has become a doubtful action for me. I got the habit of always wondering “Have I touched anything hideous since the last time I washed my hands?” before getting my hands near my face. It was very hot, too.

Again, I very successfully managed to create a paragraph that is quite inconsistent with what the first sentence has to say about the paragraph itself. The reason I hate these people are derived from a quite simple action mechanism. The problem is, I don’t even get why they do that.

We were strolling along the 5Th avenue and I was cautiously looking for any electronics shop to ask about digital cameras and iPods. Not that I was going to buy one from a mischievous vendor, but just to see the prices. I happened to pass by one particular shop “Video Camera City” and went in. The guy at the counter was very interested and helped me in every step, explaining me everything about the product I was looking at and even made very appropriate jokes at times. I said that I would not be buying any merchandise today, since I newly arrived, but that didn’t seem to bother him. He said that I should come back tomorrow when there are discounts.

So I did. I went to that same shop one day later. The guy looked exactly the same, but that was the only similarity between the person I spoke to the day before. He welcomed me like a pig and didn’t seem all that interested about me being there. I’m not annoyed very easily, so I let that slip by. Then, he says that all the merchandise that I said I would buy has been sold out. “Yep” I think “He’s lying, but that’s not unusual.” So I say well then show me something better this time. Despite the fact that the camera he showed me was 7MP the day before, he got out a shitty brand camera that was 6MP. I cleared my throat and politely noted to him that I wanted a “better” camera. He insisted that the one he had shown me was 5MP.


But that was not the end. I said I didn’t want any digital cameras and said that I wanted to buy that 30G iPod that he said he would sell for $160. Guessing that he would try to pull the same shit again, I said it in a rather mocking way, and the response I got was not much of a different tone. I put up my serious look and told him to cut the crap or I’ll leave. He just told me to go away.

So this really messes up my mind. Either, the guy didn’t really want to sell anything to me or had a personal thing with me, which I was unable to identify, or the store is so popular that I’m an expendable customer, and he just didn’t feel like doing that particular discount he would do.

I, very luckily, experienced three more occurrences of similar behavior and ended up concluding that they didn’t want the customer to compare any prices. You get it at that time or you get nothing.

A business tactic I do not understand, but undoubtedly works, otherwise they would not be doing it.

So I returned to the place I called “home”, Maryland and bought and iPod to myself from the Apple store, keeping my worries clear.

I love the thing. The sound quality is great and, with the help of the fast internet connected to my apartment, I downloaded about 2 gigabytes of songs, and still counting.

I admit! I’m a criminal! I’m stealing songs from limewire even as I write. And that feels SO good.


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