2500 miles later

July 21, 2006

Ok, I admit, I’ve been neglecting my newly founded blog for some time now. Not that people are concerned or something, but just as a side note. The reason behind this is, well, my trips to certain places in America. Coming from a country I thought very big, I’ve seen that an 18 hour car trip with 6 people with you is not something I will look forward to doing anytime soon. This was a trip to Orlando FL from Rockville MD. I’ve visited a Disney World park and the Universal Studios thing for some thrills and I got much more than I signed up for.

The first day we were stumbling over maps and directions to find out way out of Washington I-95 (god, Americans have different ways of indicating roads). Frustration and anger pondered in our lovely family van that vacated 7 people in total. We had to stop in a motel to sleep for some 5 hours and went back to driving.

We arrived at Disney World and I knew, because of the limited time allocated for such entertainment, I had to choose only one park. The lucky park to host me was the MGM Studios. I liked the Twilight Zone tower of terror. To clear things off, I’m a very coward person and even looking at the darn thing gave me goosebumps all over. Being in the thing was a very different experience. It was spectacular, and sadly, the only thing I would call thrilling. But then, hey, I was in Disney World, where Mickey Mouse roamed the streets, so it surely was the wrong place to be in if one is looking to scare oneself.

The most notable thing in the Disney World MGM Studios was the last show in the park. Totally amazing! Although, I saw some brainwash going on, which didn’t surprise me at all..

The second day was a carefully planned coincidence. It was my birthday. We got our one-day-two-park passes from the Universal Studios, with the addition of Meal Deal which lets you eat stuff the whole day long. Aside from the food, the park was fantastic. The first stop Twister was entertaining, but that wasn’t enough for me, not in my birthday. I wanted to be afraid so much that I would shit my pants. So I proceeded through the line of The Mummy’s Revenge. A high-speed roller coaster which also featured backward movement. Even the wording of that thrilled me. The ride was good, but not great. So no pictures bought at the exit. The thrills started coming in the second park. I got on the “Hulk Coaster”. Watching the people from the outside may make you go “wow” but I was petrified the whole ride. It was awesome and I would advise everyone to go on and ride that roller coaster. It is so much fun. I was agonizing at the waiting line and trying to convince myself to be less scared, but the ride was so totally great that I didn’t even have time to be scared.

The other goodness was the Doctor Doom’s Tower or whatever the name was. I first freaked out and got on it later that day when it was dark. I was even lucky enough to be in the third seating row, so I got to see all the lights of the park and that too was fantastic.

I probably missed so many things but I’m too tired even now.

I don’t know the concept of “expensive” in America but dining for $60 in a steak house was a very great burden for my family, so we ended up dining in McDonald’s for a change. Maybe we’ll reconsider later but now I gotta sleep.

I’ll keep you posted.


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