DNA over the internet

July 13, 2006

Today it rained. The rain was so smooth and tender it really was awesome. It wasn’t like the sky was bitching on about something, but rather, silently crying almost as if its trying to hide it, but the tears are just too much so they flowed. It was one of those cleansing rains that makes you feel good about yourself. Despite the rain, the weather kept its warmness and the only effect of the crying sky was to raise the humidity level, so I ended up sweating more than I would have. In an attempt to cool my body, I discovered that the Giant supermarket near our apartment had the required equipment. From the time I entered the market, my body temperature started falling and it stabilized. I would have happily resided there till the end of my days, but sadly, I needed to go out, and that was when I got hit by a terrific force, warm air. I’ve never felt air so strong.

Zapping the channels at 9p.m. in utter disbelief and thinking that American TV had nothing to offer me, I came across the “Nightmares & Dreamscapes” series in TNT. I wasn’t a dedicated fan of Stephen King and honestly, read only those books there were most famous. But even I, possessed the common knowledge that anything Stephen King would write should be scary, so I went straight ahead and opened the volume up. The first chapter was absolutely amazing and, being involved with toys myself, even now, could feel the hatred of those toy soldiers. “Cool, I should never miss this” I said to myself and guess what, another chapter started. Featuring the most beautiful, Claire Forlani, I was in total awe. I’m no critique, but I thought the camera was used in a cool fashion that conveyed that sense of adrenalin at every creepy scene. The scenario of that second chapter was, in my opinion, was not well founded, but it was interesting and kept me watching and wondering until the end.

Bored of my personal blabber yet? Good.

I was awakened by that dreadful tone of fire alarm this morning, at about 6 o’clock. I prayed god (do I even believe in one?) for it to be some kind of hallucination, but it was not. The fucking thing went on for FIFTEEN FUCKING MINUTES. I am trying to force myself into believing that my neighbors are nice people, but occurrences like this just turn the right switch in my mind and I instantly start hating them. Morons.. That is the third fucking alarm in the past two days. At first, it was amusing, but it lost its effect after I learned that I had to go up 14 stories by foot, because maintenance of the elevator was impossible. Bah!

Also, while reading some other blog which I don’t even remember, I followed a link to a site titled, PersonalDNA and took the test. I thought, hell what is it good for, but it proved to be quite accurate. For all those who want to know what I am, I’m a CONCERNED BUILDER. wtf? Well, go in the site and take the test, or if you are that exited about it, here is the link for my personal profile. Well the site? Here.

Here is my profile. Cool ain’t it?

PersonalDNA Profile Result

I’m sorry this had to be so small and in a very lossy Jpeg format, but the laptop I have stationed myself (and the only one I can at the moment) is not a real god of all laptops, so hey, if you don’t like it, tough.


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