Meditating on a bunch of stuff

July 12, 2006

Yet another day filled with action, treachery and lust..or not. My efforts into shifting my sleeping time gave birth to a whole new problem. I can sleep late and wake later than normal, but then, I miss the most important meal of the day, the breakfast, and lose my desire to break fast after I’ve woken up. So what? Well, I do not consider myself to be a skinny person, on the contrary, I’m quite large (although the Big&Tall section is still quite Big for me). As usual, surfing on the web, apathying (?) upon my existence, in Wired and Digg (at the same time, thanks to Firefox), I StumbledUpon a site that really “caught” me.

Being an enthusiastic guitar player [and not having my guitar with me as an outcome of my trip to America, therefore missing my guitar(s) so much] this site has really affected me. Although the topic Philosophy was by no means in my checked list in StumbleUpon, the toolbar lead me through the main menu of the GuitarPrinciples‘ philosophy section. I first thought it was a compilation of emotional essays and articles about the Lord Almighty and whatnot. Then I started reading one of them and ended up reading the whole site! It was WONDERFUL (yep, I don’t like caps too, but that word had to get some attention, even beyond italics). I recommend every open minded guitar player or enthusiast to read these essays, and to buy his book entitled: “The Deeper I Go the Deeper It Gets: Meditation of Life and Guitar”. Quite a long name but explains whats inside the book very well. I may even buy the original copy of the book, since I highly value what the writer (Jamie Andreas) had to say, and I loved his approach.

Before I forget, here is the link to the philosophy section.

Another inspiration I’ve discovered for myself today is the artist Mark Jenkins [funnily, reminds me of the famous video of Leroy Jenkins (hello WoW players!)] The videos and pictures in his site were fabulous. He makes people from tape (yep the sticky one) and places them in street corners or other places where they would catch people’s attention. Anybody read this far down, here is your treat, go and take a look at the pictures in this site. As a side note, I have absolutely no idea why the guy has x’s at the front and end of his name for his site (maybe someone else got it?), but it’s cool anyway.

All this thinking and meditation lead me to take action and I placed ads on my stupid site. I’m actually embarrassed about it because I guess everyone that achieved a certain level of PHP attempted this, but I was young and tender, and wanted that taste of Google AdSense money. Well, my attempts ended up banning my father from AdSense (not that he cared, but..). From that moment on, I’ve lamented at that $36 my site made in its first two weeks and never tried another advertising system. I signed up to Clicksor ad program and placed those ads where Google’s used to be. For the moment I’m not expecting much, and the site is going to close since I won’t update the hosting plan, but, well, money gained is money gained.

P.S. OK I confess, it is an image hosting site. I used to think it has a great layout and good code, but its full of bugs, which I’m not enthusiastic about fixing. Though, I won’t give the address (not that you cared..).


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