Real WTF Happening

July 10, 2006

To be honest, I’m a loyal “reader” of Digg, but unlike the rest, I do not submit interesting articles or spam so my site gets promoted (yes, surprisingly, I do have a site and I’m quite embarrased about it..) but rather, I just follow the links at the front page and the “Upcoming” section. The reason I always check the Upcoming Stories section is that the sites sometimes crash because of the immense traffic coming from Digg. Those of you who are reading this probably knows what Digg is, but if not, and you like to surf the internet for tech stuff, visit

The reason I have spent time writing the above section is because there are two very interesting sites that have caught my attention. The first is actually the content that is contained within the site, rather than the site itself. It’s a news report about some 20 students trying to cheat in the university entrance exam. Until this point, this looks like the usual cheating plot often done by daring highschool students, but this is where the story at hand differs from the stereotypical one. These students used wigs to conceal wireless mobile phones and earphones to communicate and ask about questions, in addition to t-shirts to hide other gadget.

I think its pretty amazing, considering the amount of money spent of the whole of gadgets and the method in which they tried to pull it off. Make no mistake, I’m not a personal fan of these people and think they would’ve only polluted the university itself and got undeserved reputation, if they actually managed to make it through the university. But then, nearly every successful and known person got undeserved something before they came about. That’s just life..

The link to the entire story is

Another vastly amusing site I’ve stumbles across is Especially This site would be attractive to those who like to program or do programming as their job. Its quite a nice site and you can’t help but say “Wtf?” to some of those stories.

Thats all folks! yep..


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