“Hello World” posts suck

July 9, 2006

Although I wouldn’t want to say goodbye to the face of the earth, I certainly hate Hello World posts. But on another level, how should your first post on a blog be? Should I delve straight into the mess that’s in my head without any explanations or should I create a detailed step-by-step plan so the blog will be almost like a hard-worked popular novel? After thinking very hard until my brain hurt, I’ve decided:

Hello World.

Phew! That was easy.. The funny part is, I would’ve never started this blog if it weren’t for the excess time I had in my hand. My visit to America proved to be “different” than my expectations. I currently reside in a part of Maryland and sadly, my apartment is mostly populated by the elderly and disabled, which in turn, disables me of any action that I normally would’ve do in “normal” circumstances. Please excuse me; I have nothing against the elderly or the disabled, which actually are much sympathetic than the average American I’ve observed, but it also has its drawbacks.


the point of this blog is exclusively not my visit to America or the compilations of my observations of Americans. I’m tempted to criticize everything and everybody I see without thinking about what situations they might be in, which kinda makes me a big whiner.

The name of the blog “Exitus”, as some of you may know already..or not, means Death, or the passing away of somebody. I, sadly, consider myself dead. Not because I’m the typical “emo” or anything. I don’t think my life sucks or I don’t hate my parents and don’t want to kill myself. Sometimes you come across people and have great time, but never remember them again. I’m that kind of person. I meet with someone and have great time, but then that person does not remember me, like I have never been there. I’ve always actually been “there” and can recall and observe things that most people cannot, but, like the things I have observed that is not quite visible to others, I myself is invisible too.

As you can see, I’m not a good writer.. Maybe a good thinker, but what good is thinking when you cannot properly get your point across? You can be real happy and satisfy your own ego but then what? Nobody knows whats that you’re thinking and it seems nobody cares. Doesn’t that make me


Maybe biologically living, but what about the mental life. I sometimes feel that I’m afraid to think something. I often need to pause to do subtractions like 13 from 52 because it fatigues me. Not that my mathematical abilities are lacking or something. I am fully capable of doing complex stuff, but I feel that I need to put an extra effort to do all these things.

So I’m going to use this as a mental stimulator for myself. Those of you who are taking their time to read what I write (none, at this moment) can sometimes find stupid posts I write just because I’m bored.

I don’t know how one finishes off their hello world post. But yeah.. umm.. see you later..

PS- Did you know that the spellchecker highlights the word “blog” as wrong? Stupid..


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