Hats off for Italy

July 9, 2006

I don’t know if any of you have noticed, but Italy won the world cup today. It was a really good match and both teams (both being Italy itself and France) played real well. I would say Italy didn’t deserve the cup, because they didn’t play real good, but I’m not going to. Italy was, in my humble opinion, way too aggressive at the beginning of the match. I’m surprised that there were only 1 red card in the whole game, but there were a LOT of fouls for France. This only resulted in a fair decided penalty and Zidane scored a real tactical but risky goal. Unlike I would’ve felt in the same situation, Italy got on its feet pretty quickly and WHAM a super goal came from them (don’t actually remember the guys name). Then the game got mild. No goals until the extensions, in which people got real heated up and aggressive. Zidane got a well-deserved red card because he couldn’t keep his head where it normally belongs. It was obvious the guy was preparing his bare head for such an occasion.

The penalties were quite expected, since France lost Henry and Zidane, so one unlucky guy missed a penalty and Italy missed none, and they won 5-3 in the penalties.

I actually wanted Italy to win because, well, French are so…never mind, but I was quite contented with the outcome of the match.

Well, that was the highes point of my day today. Quite hot here in Maryland, although no sun. I would ask “How was your day?” but then, there are many people who read this are there?[…there….there…there…th.. (echo effect :))]


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